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Data access

CYMS provides with Sentinel-1-derived ocean surface wind field products acquired along Tropical Cyclone forecast tracks through a single integrated portal.

  • Ocean surface wind estimates day and night at high spatial resolution and over wide images for hurricane-force winds, additional key information on Tropical Cyclone structure: maximum wind speed, eye diameter, wind radii, eyewall replacement cycle… from Sentinel-1,
  • complementary existing observations (geostationary imagery, radiom and hurricane hunting) for a full overview,
  • Customized, validated and fully acknowledged Tropical Cyclone products,
  • Standardized, interoperable and harmonized service,
  • WebGIS platform and archive center,
  • Near real-time information

Near-Real Time Tropical Cyclone data access

EODA screenshot (Idai)

EODA webGIS portal enables to visualize and download latest NRT wind surface products. A FTP server is also available.
Near real-time delivery for demonstrating operational use for the upcoming hurricane season

Archive Tropical Cyclone data access

Cyclobs archive center provides a complete and homogenous dataset to the Tropical Cyclone Community. Reprocessing archive center delivering a complete, state-of-the-art and homogeneous dataset since the Sentinel-1 launch. CyclObs updates are data-driven