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Uses cases

An overview of some past SAR acquisitions over cyclones

Dorian by Sentinel-1A

Dorian (August 2019)

In the case of Dorian, three images from European Sentinel satellites coincided perfectly with the hurricane trajectory, making it possible to estimate maximum ocean surface…

Trevor tropical cyclone trajectory (copernicus-noaa)

Trevor (March 2019)

In March 2019, twin cyclones hit Australia. Tropical cyclone Trevor made landfall on Australia’s northern coast on March 23rd, bringing torrential rains and winds of…

Hurricane Irma over the Bahamas and Cuba on Sept 8, 2017. Images by the LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response team.

Irma (September 2017)

Copolarized and Cross‐Polarized SAR Measurements for High‐Resolution Description of Major Hurricane Wind Structures: Application to Irma Category 5 Hurricane As part of the journal article…